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Free Money, Start Earn Money Online For Free (Part.2) 19 April 2009

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.. the viral video network that pays. We connect video makers and sharers with sponsors in a free and open marketplace that rewards them for doing what they do best.

YourMelodyTV Beta is the 1st Music Video Sharing Content Community that allows musicians and others to connect, converse and share their music content and Get Played & Get Paid for it.

MATRIXMovies rewards all users who upload media with Google revenue share!!! 100% of all revenue generated from your videos is yours!!! The more you upload, the more adsense driven pages you get.

If our members and acquistions execs like what they see, you’ll be offered an AtomFilms distribution deal that pays real money, and can pave the way to distribution through MTV Networks, our parent company.

VCAM submissions are paid a flat rate of £500 per VCAM chosen for Current TV. If your VCAM does air on Current and the sponsor of your VCAM wants to show it in other places beyond Current TV, you’ll get anywhere between £2,500 and £10,000, depending on where they show it.

Video site where you can earn share of revenue. You have to own a .tv site in order to use the tools

As an ExpertVillage Filmmaker, you can; work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world, fill in gaps between your larger paying gigs, receive worldwide exposure for your work, work on the assignments that you choose, make an average of $300 per assignment, get paid every Friday, …all while helping us grow the largest how-to video library in the world.

Get paid up to $2,000 if your original video is posted on our homepage

Welcome to VuMe, a media sharing site that rewards users for content they create. Our mission is to pass the wealth on to the people who deserve it – the creators of the content. You.

80% of the site’s ad revenue gets put in a cash pool. You create audio or video content and upload it. It gets played… you get paid, based on your share of the traffic. Even if your share is one click.

First provide your google adsense client information, then start collecting videos and creating playlist. We will start showing ads on your videos and playlist using your adsense information. If anyone clicks on those ads, money goes directly to your account.

You’re spending tons of time and effort – and money – creating your show. Isn’t it only right that you should get rewarded for it? At blip.tv our advertising program is designed to put you in complete control of monetizing your content by providing you with a variety of advertising choices.

Once you register, you’ll be able to upload digital content. You will set a price for the item and we’ll show you all of the transaction fees up front. You can add a description and tags or keywords to be associated with your content. Once you have confirmed the price and description and uploaded the digital file, it will be stored in our system and ready for sale.

Monetize Your Content the Way You Want: Ad supported, Electronic Sell Through at the price you choos. Or, you can offer it to viewers for free with no ads

Upload a product review and you could earn up to $10.00

sources : AffiliateWorkers.com



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