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Free Money, Start Earn Money Online For Free (Part.3) 21 April 2009

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Podcasting / Audio/ Music

TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs.

BlogTalkRadio fuses social networking with Internet radio. The web-based service allows you to host a live Internet radio show and take callers from the phone. Hosts can copy and paste a Flash player on their site or blog so listeners can click to listen. The shows are also made available as a podcast via RSS and iTunes. Your audience can listen online or on any mp3-friendly device. Listeners have tens of thousands of shows to choose from, far more than on terrestrial or satellite radio.

Not only is Odiogo free, it may be able to generate advertising revenues. Once your listenership reaches a significant level, you may qualify for a share of ad income!

We7 shares the money that is made from the ads that are embedded with downloaded music. Unlike P2P piracy sites, we respect you as an artist and respect your contribution to the world of entertainment. For free music which is downloaded from our site, the split is typically 50/50 between you and the rights owner, after costs.

Through a simple process, content owners log on to http://www.Beat9.com and upload their audio or video file; within a few seconds, their file is converted to a fully trackable and e-commerce enabled ViraCast, ready to launch and start generating revenue immediately. The ad supported ViraCast can easily be embedded in and played off any website; delivered as podcasts on iTunes; distributed by P2P sites; and emailed, while still retaining its e-commerce and tracking functionality.

Hosting their programs at Podango for free, station owners earn income by sharing advertising revenue from the aggregate of Podango-hosted stations.

Jamendo enables all the users to make a donation to the Artists with a minimum of 5 Eur (or Dollars). In any case, jamendo retains as little as 50 cents for financial fees, the remaining sum is directly given to the Artists. Please note that the only Artists eligible for receiving money are those who have opted for the Program ‘Donation’. But there is more, jamendo shares 50% of its advertising revenues to the Artists who opted for the Program ‘Revenue Sharing’.

Yes. Artists will be paid a portion of the advertising revenue in proportion to their popularity on the site (once we launch officially and lineup some advertisers). And of course, artists are paid if a user buys music or merchandise from them on our site (a feature that is coming soon).

Divvycast is an inclusive web service where you can produce, upload, and distribute your music. Bands, solo artists, producers, and DJ’s can get closer to their core audience, reach new fans, and get paid while they’re doing it.

Earn money on your contests and submission

Upload, share and sell your videos, music, podcasts, animations, ebooks and games. You set your own price and receive 70% of the profits.

Are you a content producer or provider? A broadcast producer, distributor or someone who stays up ’til 3:00am producing your own show? Well, we believe your content is valuable, in real monetary terms, which is why we have developed the most aggressive revenue share model in the Podcasting industry.

As your advertising partner, we match up your unique content with equally unique advertising for your audience. We also provide third-party podcast measurement – of particular value for attracting advertisers – free to any podcast. Check out Podtrac’s complete suite of advertising and sponsorship services for your podcast, and register with Podtrac today.

Licensing your music on Grooveshark is a breeze. Head over to our label registration page, fill out the contact form, download and complete the metadata spreadsheet, and await an email from our payment management team.

sources : AffiliateWorkers.com



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