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Free Money, Start Earn Money Online For Free (Part.5) 24 April 2009

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Social Networks

The Newsvine community loves investigative reporting, opinion pieces, and just about everything else considered newsworthy and in good taste. Newsvine also sells advertising around all content on the site and returns 90% of the advertising revenue from your content right back to you (based on page views).

Place ads on your profile, Upload Videos, and Images! Create and build a profile to earn cash!

Dada friend$ is a free program based on Google AdSense, through which you can make money by allowing Google to publish ads on your personal space and your blog, and by inviting new friends to Dada.net and the friend$ program.

The idea is pretty simple – if you contribute to the RateItAll community – whether it be by writing a review, creating Weblists, creating new listings for existing ratings lists, creating a user profile with a picture, or referring friends, we want you to share in the advertising revenue associated with those contributions.

earn money every time you create and share your stuff… be it homepages, videos, audio, photos – with your friends!

It’s easy, sign up and start discussions, post responses or comments to current discussions, news or blogs, or refer friends!

Share your experiences from your own travel diary- reviews, blogs, photos and videos- and map your past and future trips. Members who sign up as a travel guide can share in the advertising revenues generated from their guide page by inserting a Google AdSense ID into their profile as directed.

The gibLink Network’s mission is to build a global community of entrepreneurs, small business owners and home-based business owners to advertise and promote their businesses, share ideas and strategies to benefit together from the growth and revenue generated by the entire community by sharing it back to the advertisers.

Yuwie.com is a social networking service that allows Members to create unique personal profiles online in order to find and communicate with old and new friends. The revenue sharing rate is determined each month by the amount of revenue Yuwie.com generated from advertisements.

an ad-revenue sharing social network built around gadgets and gizmos. It shares advertisement revenue with its members using a 2-tier Affinity Program.

It is like any other social networking website, but the difference is WE are here to share with our members the advertising revenue. We want to be the first social website that pays its members, since all the ¨hard¨ work is done by the users.

We got tired of spending countless hours uploading and creating content for MySpace and not making any money doing it. So now, we can all do it here on NaRpLe and get paid!

At MeYouWorld.net, it is not just about ME it’s also about YOU. And that begins with advertising. At MeYouWorld.net contributors can get 100% of the income from AdSense on their POST pages.

2000 members will be a part of our profit sharing program…

Your Google ads will be displayed in 7 different locations on your public blog and photo pages. Those ads are specifically optimized to allow better penetration of the ads. Any click on those ads will generate a revenue for you through AdSense.

Use your Google AdSenseTM Account & make money for sharing stories

Sharerevmeida.com is the first Social network website in the internet which pays its users for all of their activites like sharing profile, videos, blogs, pictures, making friends and more.

Share revenue from Google Adsense

sources : AffiliateWorkers.com


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