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Lirik “The Wall Street Meltdown” 24 Mei 2009

Posted by maskhuzam in Coretan.

Sebelumnya disini aku memosting video parodi “the wall street meltdown”, lha ini lirik lagunya…

The wall street meltdown

The crisis ran into ’08
the write-down just would not abate

Citi alone wiped out $50
billion with a “B”

Taking advantage of the strife
Lewis catches a falling knife

Asset mark-to-market
causing insolvency

Bear Stearns need cash
Jimmy Cayne – he got trashed

Confidence hard to find
JP Morgan just in time

Then the Fed decides to lend
the Bear gets $2, later $10

Worry starts on the Street
is Lehman next up for defeat?

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

Who knew the A.G. wiht spine
was really client #9

Deals few and far between
Microhoo just a pipe dream

Some one tell the board about
fiduciary trust

Inbev show the way
healthy premium without delay

Buyouts non-exitent
causing the year to be a bust

Deal funding growing tight
lenders putting up a fight

Lawsuits at the banks
only way to close the ranks

Housing markets getting worse
credit value in reverse

Foreclosures rising fast
this fragile system cannot last

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

Many figures to blame
for the home ownership game

The summer finished very slow
very little did we know

the fall would bring a
panic like 1929

The US dollar in the dump
as Ben tries to prime the pump

market losing confidence
as bank stocks in decline

freddie mac and fannie mac
$200 billion to save the day

Lehman brothers run amuck
dick fuld pushed his luck

bofa seeing red
picked up merrill lynch instead

lehman filed, barclays bought
another bailouts Ben thinks not

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

hedge fund were getting creamed
as large investor redeemed

CDS prices on the rise
confidences in demise

AIG was nest to get
a big goverment stash

Goldman sachs became a bank
under orders from Ben and Hank

But futher action was needed
quick to prevent a crash

$700 billion was the price
to save the street from their own vice

congres balked, market moved
with some pork the bill’s approved

market freefall off the page
mattress stuffing all the rage

wamu fails, wachovia too
citi jilted, forced to soe

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

moral hazard trouble
from the leverage bubble

buyouts crushed by their debt
more filing, you can bet

failure now taking place
on a country scale

morgan fighting for its life
all eyes on John Mack the knife

Lots of Yen are needed so that
they’re not the next to fail

Citi teetered on the edge
bailout money Hank did pledge

Auto firm – they were next
congres quickly writing check

nationalization not an “if”
george bush, chavez – what’s the diff?

then just to top if off
ponzi outdone by madoff

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

citi breaking in piece
Sandy’s dream finally creases

as the year comes to an end
bank still refusing to lend

something more is needed
for credit to unfreeze

the economy just took a dive
job loss worse since ’45

you know the fed can’t go much lower
to enchance the case

big stimulus on the way
but can obama save the day?

wholesale change to the street
big layoffs as firm retreat

compensation changed forever
universe master not so clever

just where do we go from here?
can’t take another year of fear

Here comes a Wall street meltdown

here’s hoping the market get strong
so i’m not writing another song…



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